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Injection Molding

Injection Molding Services

Plastic Injection Molding, Specializing in Mold Sampling, Mold Prototyping, Mold Design and Engineering, High and Low Volume Injection Molding Product Manufacturing, Post-Production Assembly and CMM Services.


At Midwest Tek, our full-service molding department can quickly produce and develop sample molds for all types of industries with a wide range of grades of most injection molding materials. Our production department collaborates closely on mold making, offering complete injection molding services including product sampling, prototyping, debugging and both small and high volume production.


With extensive years of experience, Midwest Tek's design staff can help you design your plastic components from concept to end product to ensure they are optimized for production molding. Our injection molding designs are created to your exact specifications with the utmost attention to accuracy and details. For existing designs, our engineering staff reviews the design and prepares the molds in accordance to the specification of the original design.

Mold Building

Our mold building capability spans a wide variety of injection molds, including simple single-cavity mold designs to complex, high cavity stack molds. Our dedication to precision manufacturing yields unsurpassed results throughout the entire mold design and product manufacturing process. Our skilled mold-makers utilize the latest industry technologies and mold making equipment to ensure 100% product satisfaction.

Injection Mold Production

With our advanced injection molding presses and ancillary equipment, we are able to quickly produce low-cost quality injection molding products for prototypes, production parts and as well as complete products. Our clients have the option of building injection molds that fit their project needs no matter how large or small. We use molds of varying complexity to produce parts in many materials, types, grades and color options.


As part of our complete injection molding services, we also offer number of post production services to our clients including post production assembly, machining, hot sampling and ultrasonic welding services.

CMM Capability

Post-production, our in-house CMM capabilities ensure the highest product quality, all while following ISO/TS standards. At Midwest Tek, we run a simple but effective manufacturing system that gives us a competitive advantage. Whatever your product, you can be sure that at Midwest Tek it will receive the utmost attention to detail to ensure conformance to your project specifications and the highest standards of quality.